Our complex and robust process comprised the following steps:


  • A call for nominations is sent out.

  • Nominations are received externally via the website, telephonically and emails

  • Nominees are notified via email and telephone that they have been nominated

  • Entry forms are completed by nominees and submitted with supporting documentation

  • After the closing date, all entries are filtered to remove any that were incomplete

  • Nominations in good standing are submitted to Judging Panel One.  Each nomination is individually reviewed, and the panel’s responsibility is to select up to 5 semi-finalists in each sector per country in their Region.  The judges may also reallocate nominees to a different sector if the sector the candidate was nominated in is incorrect. This ensures that each participant is afforded maximum opportunity to shine

  • Semi-finalists’ documentation is submitted to Judging Panel Two who select three finalists per sector per country in their Region  

  • Each finalist is invited to submit a more detailed overview of themselves, via another questionnaire that allows the final panel to have a deeper understanding of the nominee

  • Finalists might be invited to a Skype video conference interview recording with the Chairperson or a judge

  • The footage is deliberately left unedited for the final Judging Panel

  • Each judging panel consists of different industry leaders, to enable a fair and unbiased selection

  • As facilitator, the Chairperson’s role is to guide the process, answer questions and provide support where necessary

  • No-one involved in the judging process receives any form of remuneration




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