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Which Witch

Traditional healers constitute a significant part of South Africa’s history and culture. While some may consider them to be old relics from a bygone era, 80% of South Africans still consult with healers on a regular basis today. Many confuse traditional healers (nyangas) with witch doctors. There is a definite difference between the two. Witch doctors have no interest in serving the community in any positive way and are generally believed to only place curses and hexes on innocent people. Traditional healers, on the other hand, help the community by providing healing and herbal medicine. Traditional healers can be divided into two categories, namely diviner-mediums and herbalists. The diviner provides a diagnosis through spiritual means while the herbalist chooses and applies relevant remedies. Patients often demand that a traditional healer be both types of healer, which has led to the lines between diviners and herbalists becoming increasingly blurred.


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Saving Earth - One House at a Time

The idea that we can protect the environment seems like a noble one which all of us would love to be part of. However, most of us do not practise the ‘green principles’ in our daily lives, as it is either considered too much work or expensive. Eco-couple Riaan and Michelle Garforth-Venter, are committed eco-warriors and their television show, called ‘Love and Mortar’, revealed what can really be achieved if you are committed to protecting the environment. The television show featured the building of their bio-climatic home and it demonstrated just how easy it is to live by ‘green principles’, when building your dream home. Riaan and Michelle explain the different green-building choices they have made with regard to their new home and the materials used. “There are so many remarkable products, yet so little guidance is available to help consumers decide which product is right for them. Also, once investigated, many products aren’t actually healthy for you or the environment. We hope to lift the curtain on the myths of eco-building and general products and show what can be done to live in a healthier, greener home.”


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Africa: A Wonderous Place

Natural wonders leave the human soul in awe and feeling touched by a higher power. They also serve as a reminder that we, as humans, may not be the omnipotent creatures we would like to believe we are. There are countless natural wonders around the world, and the children of Africa are spoilt for choice. Our selection of the best in natural splendour that Africa has to offer includes the Table Mountain – Western Cape, South Africa, the Aldabra Atoll – North of Madagascar, Western Indian Ocean, The Thukela Waterfalls – Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa,  The Hoba Meteorite – Grootfontein, Namibia,  The Serengeti Migration – Northern Tanzania and South-Western Kenya, the Nile River – North Africa and the Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe  which according to UNESCO, during the full-flood season, in February and March, the Zambezi River feeds more than 500-million litres of water over its edges per minute, forming the world’s largest curtain of falling water.


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