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The Ultimate Concierge Experience

By Shalane van Rensburg


Che Concepts is a luxury lifestyle management company that provides a range of services to save the client time and provide quality lifestyle solutions. Lifestyle management is becoming increasingly popular amongst business executives who just ‘do not have the time’ to mark off the tick boxes on their ‘to do lists’.


Mologadi ‘Molly’ Moshapo founded Che Concepts lifestyle management in 2009. Molly is a qualified quantity surveyor with years of experience in construction and project management. Molly 


found herself consulting to and assisting friends and family with their personal tasks on a part-time basis. She would organise friends and families’ weddings and gatherings, which led to more and more people approaching her for assistance in every aspect of their days.


This prompted Molly to create Che Concepts, which provided an opportunity to utilise her organisational and project management skills. With her passion for people and service, lifestyle management became the perfect fit for Molly and allowed her to flourish creatively. Molly lives by the motto, ‘Perfection personified!’


The Ultimate Woman

In chatting to Molly, she says that it is important for a woman not to lose her allure and to always stay sensitive to her individual self. “I worked in the construction industry and it was hard to stand your ground and know that, when you are right, you need to stand up for yourself. Working as a quantity surveyor taught me so much and gave me the strength and confidence I needed to eventually have my own business today.” Molly shares how her family and friends were her support structure during her career transition. “I have the most wonderful husband to allow me to change my career – do a 360 – and still have the belief that I would make a success of whatever I did; he is amazing.”


When asked to share any secrets of her success thus far, Molly indicates that her ability to adapt and accept change in terms of circumstances has been one important element of her success. “Having come from a construction background, and yet doing creative work, was a major change and adapting was a tad challenging,” comments Molly. She also highlights that being grounded spiritually is a vital part of her success and that her faith in God has given her the ability to constantly find the good, even in tough situations. Lastly, she states that surrounding herself with people who make her a better person is the key to her success. One person whom she acknowledges in particular is her business partner, Tebogo Maluleke, who has been her pillar of strength.


The Ultimate Lifestyle

Lifestyle management can be described as the ultimate time-saving service for clients who have hectic schedules. It is a one-stop-shop service that provides lifestyle solutions while managing every aspect of clients’ busy lives. From planning a special event on a deserted island to arranging that the children are collected from school and dinner is prepared, Che Concepts does it all.


Che Concepts has a range of services that make a valuable and significant contribution to the quality of its clients’ lives by creating tailored solutions. These services include the following:

  • Wedding and events management.

  • The perfect gift: sourcing and wrapping that special gift.

  • Home assistance: coordination of the maintenance of the client’s home, garden and car, and child care.

  • Professional organising and relocation: Che Concepts can transform a room, house, office or any space to its optimal potential.

  • Equipment and décor hire: Che Concepts has the latest, trendiest and most beautiful items for hire to turn an event into a splendid affair.


Molly has a cause close to her heart. She hopes to start a non-profit organisation which will assist young women in need by connecting them with women who are successful in business in their own right. “I would ideally like to start a programme called ‘Daughters of the Father’, by linking disadvantaged young women and teenagers with mentors. We sometimes neglect that we have so much to give: time, knowledge or money. Time and knowledge are the most valuable to someone who needs a helping hand during a difficult period in her life. By assisting one woman at a time, we are creating a generation willing to push through and create a better life for themselves and their families.” Molly strongly believes that the wealth and success of Che Concepts should be to the benefit of others.


The Ultimate Service

Although lifestyle management is a ‘new’ concept in South Africa, it is steadily gaining popularity. Molly says that she is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends at shows and networking functions. Most clients know what they want, Molly explains, but some really want guidance and advice. “We have to ensure that what we offer and suggest are products and services of the highest quality. To become competitive, you need to do much research with a quick turnaround time and ensure that you are also the most cost-effective. It is not an easy industry to tap into, but the need is there; we just have to find it.” We asked Molly how she would go about assessing a client’s needs to, say, redecorate an office space and to make it the most optimal space to work in. “A consultation includes the following: a lifestyle overview, a review of any psychological and physical organising barriers, a space audit, and, finally, a range of methods and strategies to assist in reaching organising goals. Most of our clients want to walk into their office space, already furnished (with the trendiest styles) and fully functional. A lot goes into arranging this, but, in my opinion, it is the most rewarding job one could have.”


Molly lives by the ideal of the ‘personal touch’ and giving the client the deluxe service. “You are only as good as your previous project. So, you need to make sure that you give your best. You will learn from your mistakes and ensure the next time is even better.” In conclusion, Molly explains her favourite quote, “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience”, by Ralph Waldo Emerson. “Everything has its time,” she says; “it will come to pass, and never give up – because tomorrow will be a different day.”

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