Is there a prize?

No, the exposure and networking opportunity is a great one as all of Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government are fortunate to be in a venue with their fellow finalists as well as colleagues. It is a platform for networking and branding as well as exposure in the magazine (there are many professional and personal benefits). This is a platform for each individual to grow and to use it as a stepping stone for the benefit of their brand and their organisation.


Who nominated me and how was I nominated?

Unfortunately this cannot be disclosed but it would also be difficult if we were to disclose this as the nominations are coming in from the publications, website, emails, and newsletters as well as at the previous year’s events. Women are nominated externally.


Can I enter if I was a finalist the previous year?

Lifetime Achievers may only enter the AMIW awards again if they are active in a different sector (for 3 years) to the one in which they have achieved the lifetime recognition. Continental Winners may only enter after 5 years of winning their award. Previous finalists, country winners and regional winners may enter again.


For which Company was I nominated?

Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government are more about THE INDIVIDUAL (yourself as a woman and what you do in your country and sector) and your contribution and influence and not necessarily for the company you are involved in.


In which Sector have I been nominated?

Sometimes you get nominated in a sector but you mark the one you feel strongest in, however, should our external Judging Panel think you are stronger in another sector, it is likely that you will be moved depending on the information they gather from your entry form.


Where did you get my details?

Due to the fact that it is an external nomination, we receive your details from an external person or company who felt that you are an influential woman and they provide your contact details on the nomination form through different mediums like the publication, website, newsletters or the previous events. For more information about the nomination process itself, you can contact CEO or click to go to the Nomination Form.


How do I nominate somebody?

On the website or CEO Global can send through a nomination form to be completed and emailed back to us. Click here for the Forms. 



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