by Andrew Ngozo


Leading in Defence Acquisition

The defence of any sovereign nation is critical to its survival. Not only does the country need a well-trained and reliable defence force but it requires a well-oiled defence material acquisition arm. South Africa has Armscor, the Armaments Corporation of South Africa which is the only entity of its kind in the country and on the continent. Advocate Vuyisa Ramphele, General Manager of Corporate Compliance at the Armaments Corporation of South Africa (ARMSCOR), says her organisation is a leader in defence material acquisition.


ARMSCOR’s primary mission is to meet the defence materiel needs of the South African National Defence Force, states Adv. Ramphele.  As the only defence materiel acquisition entity of its kind in the country and in Africa, ARMSCOR hosts a number of highly technical research and development and strategic capabilities. It is known for its technical excellence, acquisition of strategic capabilities and technologies, research and development in particularly sensitive areas such as chemical, biological, radiological, as well as research and development of armour technology. “Our Research and Development Divisions deliver innovative, effective and efficient defence analysis solutions, research and development outputs, test and evaluation services, intellectual property management services as well as products to its targeted client base.

Our experts engage with the domestic and international defence industry and acquire products of world class competitiveness,” she says. 


ARMSCOR has competencies and capabilities that have contributed to the broadening and deepening of the defence industry. To meet its mandate, says Adv. Ramphele, ARMSCOR has developed competencies and capabilities which enable the corporation to, amongst others: manage technology projects efficiently and effectively from concept phase to   implementation. “We strategically ensure that the local defence industry is introduced and participates in international markets. Our industry is thereby exposed to international competitors and markets. This programme broadens the footprint of the local defence industry and promotes collaboration with companies from other countries,” indicates Adv. Ramphele. 


Transferring Capability and Technology
Through its Capital and Technology Acquisition Projects, ARMSCOR bears the responsibility of implementing the defence industrial participation programme (DIP) which is aimed at developing and maintaining the local defence capabilities. In order to broaden and deepen the competencies and capabilities in the defence industry, ARMSCOR ensures transfer of capability and technology from international to local companies through DIP. ARMSCOR’s acquisition and research programme includes development of intellectual property jointly with the industry. This on its own contributes to the advancement of technical and technology competence. Pronounces Adv. Ramphele: “In all our programmes the acute awareness of the need for transformation and development of SMMEs is taken on board.”

ARMSCOR is fully committed to the principles of good corporate governance and subscribes to the recommendations of the King III Report. As a public entity, ARMSCOR implements and adheres to the prescriptions of the Public Finance Management Act, its Regulations and the Protocol on Corporate Governance in the public sector. ARMSCOR embraces business standards and principles that are ethical, professional, performance focused and service orientated, concludes Adv. Ramphele. 



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