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SAMSA and Women Development

The organisation delivers four main outputs including: safety and environment protection standards for responsible maritime transport operations, infrastructure for monitoring and enforcing compliance with safety and environment protection standards, the capability to respond to marine pollution incidents and other maritime emergencies and the capability to detect, locate and rescue people in maritime distress situations.


According to the Maritime Women Global Leadership International Conference, the number of women in maritime professions is on the rise, yet shipping remains a male-dominated industry. As the industry continues to grow, sustainability in respect of shipping will logically be dependent on more women entering the maritime professions. Dr Lina Shbeeb, Minister of Transport for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, summed up the goal of the event saying “to discuss challenges and map out a path for cooperation between all parties who support the involvement of women in the maritime sector”.

Strategies presented to SAMSA included professional development programmes where seafarers could further their skills and those re-entering the work force could ensure their skills were up to scratch. In the case of female seafarers, it was recommended that there always be at least two on board a ship at any given time.


Key to the advancement of all individuals is the strength of education, mentoring and networking, with participation in national and international associations being highly recommended. Carla Limcaoco, President of Women in Maritime, the Philippines, and Director of PTC Management Corporation, emphasised: “It is important for women who enter the industry to persevere. There will be traditions to overcome and social stigma to deal with, but if they continue and receive the support from the network of a national women’s association they can succeed.”

 With Commander Tsietsi Mokhele leading the South African Maritime Safety Authority in the development of its female seafarers, results are on the horizon. 



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