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You May Know my Name but You Don't Know my Story

History can easily be recorded to capture facts, figures and events as they occur but a lot can be missed in capturing the essence or true story of an individual. CEO takes great care to capture not only the facts but the essence of every person, organisation or entity that can be found on the pages that follow. 


Most Influential Women in Business and Government is privileged to provide a platform for the incredible women of the African Continent. With each year our unique programme gains momentum and prestige and the participants of 2015 are just as colourful and diverse as the years before. Women such as Dr Snowy Khoza and Dr Suzanne Ravenall bring to our 2015 publication diverse views with years of experience and wisdom. Much can be harvested from their, and others, life journeys, experience and achievements. 

You may know the names of some of the women that are featured this year but do you know where they come from, where they are going and how they’ve succeeded? We are proud to bring to our readers not only giants in the various industries but also their stories! 



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