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In our fifteenth year, Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government is stronger than ever. Our vision is, and has always been, to bring into the limelight those women who are fearless, dedicated and act as agents of change in their communities. It is our privilege to recognise the achievements of women from across the African Continent that are building and transforming their sectors and contributing to the economy. 

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History can easily be recorded to capture facts, figures and events as they occur but a lot can be missed in capturing the essence or true story of an individual. CEO takes great care to capture not only the facts but the essence of every person, organisation or entity that can be found on the pages that follow. 

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Tsietsi Mokhele, also known as the Commander, is the CEO of the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA). SAMSA was established in 1998 in terms of the South African Maritime Safety Authority Act 5 of 1998, and is a South African government institution, accountable to the Minister of Transport. 


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