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by Andrew Ngozo


Partners in Excellence

In business circles, partners come and go. Sometimes, the longest that entities can stay together is a couple of months, or a year at most. However, the relationship between CEO Communications and Mabatho Events and Promotions has defied the odds and, in 2015, enters its fourth consecutive year in existence. In all the years since 2012, Mabatho Events and Promotions has never disappointed but has offered top-notch professional services, says Annelize Wepener, chief executive of CEO Communications.


“Our partnership with Mabatho Events and Promotions has gone from strength to strength since 2012 when we made use of their professional services for the CEO Executive Golf Day,” shares Annelize. “There has never been a point where they have failed to deliver down to the last detail of our partnership agreement. This is a rare phenomenon in the business world today. For instance, they have provided goodie bags, holes sponsorships, prizes and décor for us. Incidentally, we cater for the very top executives in South Africa’s industry and beyond, and

they [the executives] have never lodged a complaint. Instead, each year, they are amazed at the glitz and glamour they have become accustomed to. All this is courtesy of Mabatho Events and Promotions.”


Dedicated to Delivering the Best
According to Annelize, Mabatho Events and Promotions has been “our partner and provided décor for the prestigious Most Influential Women in Business and Government and Titans – Building Nations events held in 2013 and 2014. They have also partnered with us for external events and, in this respect, have assisted us with furniture rental, draping and lighting. This is testimony to the fact that Mabatho Events always gives a client what they want, when they want it, and never disappoints.” Their service is of such a high standard that it translates into positive feedback given by the many events attendees. “We receive feedback that the service quality and personal touches delivered by Mabatho Events and Promotions reflect their client-centric nature and dedication to delivering the best,” she states.


Mabatho Events and Promotions has been involved in events and promoting products to both business and government since 2007. It has introduced different products to the market, enhanced consumer awareness, increased sales, and empowered young individuals who are interested in sales. Mabatho Events is a Pretoria-based organisation that prides itself on contributing to increasing job creation among the youth in the marketplace. Over the years, it has worked alongside many other companies in sampling and promoting brands at both on-consumption and off-consumption outlets in the main and formal market. Through these interactions it has grown and has acquired expertise and skills that have made it one of the best in the market.

Says Annelize: “I would recommend Mabatho Events and Promotions to not only the corporate world but also anybody who needs to host a breathtaking event, for top-quality décor or corporate clothing and gifts. Use them! The team is professional and helpful, and their aim is to ensure that you have an event without stressing about the finer details.” As a successful entrepreneur, Annelize concludes that it is so important to support entrepreneurs in order for them and South Africa’s economy to grow and develop. “That we have a sustainable relationship with a supplier like Mabatho Events and Promotions means that we can support each other and assist our respective brands to grow.”

Mabatho Event’s Vision

Beyond events management, Mabatho Events seeks to be a market leader through invigorating sales and renewing consumer interest, as well as enhancing consumer awareness. 



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