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2014 marks the second year that we will be taking Africa’s Most Influential Woman in Business and Government to more African countries. Our programme has grown immensely in prestige over the last year and it is an honour to present these women to you in this fantastic publication. On these pages you can see the women building our economies and creating a future for younger generations on the continent.  As always, these ladies are exemplary business women and government officials.


We have fulfilled our ambition of expanding this programme beyond borders, and as an organisation we believe that there are constantly new heights to fulfil. Visiting all regions of Africa is a privilege as we expand our roadshow from South Africa to Mauritius, Zambia, Algeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and Cameroon. This enables us to explore the talent of our beautiful continent and get some external nominations from these events for 2015, already. 




We have expanded greatly, largely due to the exceptional partnerships we have built. They have lent a helping hand throughout this process. I humbly thank our partners for their long-standing support throughout 2014. Not only have they assisted us, they have expressed a steadfast commitment to uplifting and empowering African women. 



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