CASE IN POINT | ​Mabatho Events

by Andrew Ngozo


Putting Your Brand in the Spotlight


Mabatho Events and Promotions manages a range of events, products, services and promotional campaigns from concept to completion. The organisation prides itself on providing clients with promotional execution of the highest quality, paying attention to detail at the same time. With Mabatho Events and Promotions, your brand will always be in the spotlight!


The company has been involved in promoting events and products for several years. It has introduced various products to the market, has enhanced consumer awareness, has increased sales, and has empowered young men and women who are interested in sales. Mabatho Events, aware of national job-creation objectives, is a company that takes pride in contributing to increasing job creation among the youth in the marketplace. Over the years, it has worked alongside many other companies in sampling and promoting brands both at on-consumption and off-consumption outlets, as well as in main and formal markets. 


Through these interactions, Mabatho Events has grown and has developed expertise and skills that have made it one of the best of its kind in the market and a company known for its excellent service and consistency in respect of total client satisfaction.


A Rich Service Offering

Mabatho Events and Promotions is a Level 1 BEE company which offers its clients a non-stop, integrated solution with a high level of customer excellence. The company aspires to inform, promote and market both South African and international brands and products locally. Over the long-term, the objectives of the company are to establish long-term relationships with brand owners, companies and associates who wish to reach their targeted market through promotional campaigns. The value proposition is like none other in the market: it is to serve companies and their brands that wish to invigorate sales and renew consumer interest in their brands, while aiming to bring skills and talent to the table that will enable such companies to obtain an advantage in the market place.


The following are the services offered by Mabatho Events and Promotions:


  •  Marketing and consultation services.

  •  Promotional strategies and activations.

  •  Events management and logistics.

  •  Sound and DJ hire.

  •  Events-furniture sales and rental.

  •  Corporate gifts and promotional outfits.

  •  Professional conference management services.


Many organisations have sought out the services of Mabatho Events in order, among others, to elevate their brands and events. Such organisations include: Courvoisier, where Mabatho Events ensured the launch of the Courvoisier Lounge at Club Neh, as well as undertaking main-market activations; Soul Candi; Sunnypark, where Mabatho Events provided marketing and hostess services for the Father’s Day Competition; The Saints Wines, where in-store activations included the promotion of a beer festival in Soweto; hostessing at the VIP tent for the entire Top Gear Festival; and last, but not least, Miller, where Mabatho Events was engaged in the build-up to Miller Rock the Boat! The list is endless. As to how you can transform your event or promotion from the ordinary into one with flair, visit for more information. 



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