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by Andrew Ngozo


Loving Cameroon Loving Africa


It is not often that one can profess to being blessed from birth. Yet this is true of Dominique Yamb Ntimba, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cameroon-based Kendya Net. Dominique is a royal descendant and the designated heir of the Chief of the Clan of Ndog Njèè. Success and all that is good have followed Dominque since the day he took his first breath.


Dominque’s life story makes for compelling reading. Born in 1974 in a small village called Makondo, a few hours’ drive from Douala, Cameroon, he received both his primary and secondary education in Edea. At the age of 15, he attended the Lycee Classique d’Edea, where he received his baccalaureate and was named top student of his school, coming second in the Littoral province as a whole. In 1992, he attended the University of Yaounde, and, in the following year, moved on to the University of Douala. There he studied philosophy, later focusing more specifically on political and comparative philosophy. In 1997, he 


his master’s degree in philosophy. Immediately after his university studies, Dominique did what many a graduate trying to find their feet in the world would do: teaching. From 1998 to 2002, he taught philosophy at the University of Douala, and, during the last two years there, was also head of the publicity department for TV Max – a television broadcasting company. In 2002, he became chief executive officer of Bel-Air Cameroon, an information technology (IT) company in Yaoundé. He helped Bel-Air grow into a large enterprise. In 2005, he returned to Douala and became head of the department for communication and training for AFECAC, an accountancy firm offering legal and tax advice.


In 2007, Orange Cameroon, an affiliate of France Telecom, appointed Dominique as the project manager for its tracking solutions. His successful track record there did not go unnoticed, for he then became an operations management consultant for Smartrack, a tracking partner of Orange. Subsequently, he decided on a change of scenery and moved on to become the account executive for Douala1, a network service provider. In July 2010, Dominique was hired by Vital Voices to take on the role of hub manager for the Cameroon Businesswomen’s Network (CBWN). He reveals that what prompted his acceptance of this role is his passion for the empowerment of women. At CBWN, Dominque has been involved in women’s empowerment issues at all levels right up to the highest executive level. Aside from the regular monthly member breakfasts, Dominque has worked to increase CBWN’s member events. He has, for instance, enlisted the support of local banks to sponsor member events in an effort to encourage member coordination and collaboration.


Though born and bred in Cameroon, Dominque has not allowed his geographical location and descent to restrict his work with respect to women. He has been a strong advocate for United Success and is presently very active in the 2014 leg of Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government, a continental women recognition programme that kicks off in Johannesburg, South Africa, every year and then proceeds to various cities in the country and to selected regions on the African continent. 


At this point you may well be asking: How can I be helped by such an individual as Dominique? Well, among a host of skills, he can assist you with any of the following and more: entrepreneurship, corporate finance, negotiations, business strategy, mergers and acquisitions, corporate communications, advertising, project management, as well as the management of not-for-profit or nongovernmental organisations. Clearly, Dominique is destined to achieve great things. He has his hands on the pulse of technology and finance in the entrepreneurial space. Moreover, apart from playing an active role in the day-to-day operations of Kendya Net to make the Welcome Key their new electronic payment tool, he is also a BLRI and Logiciel partner. 



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