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Investing in the Future

by Andrew Ngozo


Celebrating its 15th year in existence is a watershed period for the South African Maritime Safety Authority. It marks a new growth curve where we are focusing on driving the country’s agenda in the maritime space. Women are a critical aspect for the sector’s  future development in South Africa and on the continent.


South Africa is the only country in the world that is bounded by three oceans. We have the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Indian Ocean to the east and the Southern Ocean to the South. None of these oceans flows into the other but each is a separate ecosystem. If we group these three together it means that on behalf of the whole world and all of humanity, we are responsible for three oceans: which is the marine environmental protection, making sure that the existing 

marine resources are not depleted but are replenished from time to time.


Worthy to note as well, are the achievements the authority has made in human capital development. A sector is as successful as far as it invests, not in infrastructure but, on its most valuable asset: its human resources. The human capital development programmes at SAMSA have a particular bias towards women who, on their own, are agents of change. Development efforts that exclude women will fail. It is with pride that SAMSA is associated with the 2013 South Africa and Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government.  African women are of the right calibre and we see them increasingly playing a vital role in the diversification of the maritime sector as it becomes all encompassing.


It is the onus of all stakeholders to ensure that women are part of the expertise and competent people that drive the maritime industry. How this is to be done is by: increasing the number of women in our ranks through educating, training and equipping them with skills, in addition to the female development programmes SAMSA already has in place. Some of the programmes include introducing maritime studies at tertiary level and nurturing to excellence, the ones already within our ranks. 



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