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Success and excellence are intrinsically bound – true sustainable progress is never achieved when these two elements are not present. It is widely acknowledged that we live and work in challenging times. While there is little doubt that Africa is on the cusp of great economic development, all the building blocks for our future success are not yet in place.


Currently there are many perspectives on how to tackle the socio-economic constraints that are a legacy of Africa’s past in a way that will ensure solid foundations are laid for future development. While a good many theories are postulated and a multitude of views are garnered from experts in the developmental space, the reality is that the progress we all want to see on the continent is going to come, one step at a time.

Granted, there will be opportunities in this technologically powered world of ours to leapfrog ahead at times. However, as any successful leader in business, government and civil society will tell you. There is no substitute for hard work and commitment. I would add, that the pursuit of excellence in everything you aspire to do, is also critical. The many successful women you will find in this publication bear testimony to the rewards that a focus on excellence can bring one. It is this pursuit of excellence that we have built upon in our various programmes and initiatives. We cater for the up and coming young professional through our Women in Motion publication and enterprise development programme. Late last year a powerful adjunct to this programme was launched in the form of MentorMe 24/7, which is potentially a world first, in that the key learnings from a mentoring programme will be captured in a digital media offering that will be made available for viewing.


Being mentored by leaders in society will allow these women the unique opportunity to gain all the benefits that a formally structured programme offers; as they go out and contribute to the growth of the continent. The feedback we are receiving from both mentors and mentees with respect to the value they are extracting from this programme is overwhelmingly positive – a sure indication that all participants are seeing the value of the programme. In the year that lies ahead we are going to expand both our Women in Motion programme and MentorMe 24/7 into the rest of the continent.


While I am delighted to be sharing these new developments with you, it gives me great pleasure to know that Most Influential Women, one of the most powerful recognition programmes available to women has started rolling out on the continent. The calibre of ladies that have participated in the recognition programme has been superb and the contribution they make to their business sector and communities is very impressive to say the least. I believe that we have only started to uncover and recognise the talented women of our continent. From this point onward, the search for excellence is going to take on a whole new meaning! 



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