Top Business Women's Hobbies

by Lisa-Anna Kolwa


The modern businesswoman spends many hours on her career and on climbing the corporate ladder, at the same time including her family in this journey. It may appear that this leaves little time for a woman to spend on herself, but women always find a way of adapting and are increasingly engaging in activities beyond their work and family.


These activities help maintain a balance in life and are a form of relaxation for women, for they pose challenges that the mind needs in order to grow. Furthermore, they are very beneficial to one’s physical, spiritual and psychological health. A look into these hobbies and activities that women are passionate about reveals the diverse nature and unique composition of women as a group.



1.    Blogging and Writing

Blogging and writing are great forms of self-expression and are also a means of sharing thoughts and feelings with others. Through blogging, women are able to connect with like-minded people around the world or simply share updates with family abroad. Some even turn it into an income-generating tool. In the case of more traditional writing and journaling, women have a platform for expressing their thoughts and feelings and gaining release through creativity. This is an activity that more and more women are becoming involved in, writing short stories, poems and even novels.


2.    Community Work

Through their organisations and churches, women are increasingly becoming involved in social development as a meaningful and rewarding pastime. Volunteering helps to focus on the needs of local communities that one may not be aware of. A woman’s contribution to fulfilling these needs has a life-altering effect not only on her but also the people she impacts through the sharing of her gifts and time.


3.    Art

Learning to paint and draw is an extremely popular pastime that allows women to unleash their creative side. Even though most women fear criticism of their work, there is a great deal of satisfaction in seeing the finished work mounted on a wall – and it can also be a wonderful money-spinner. No art is bad art. Although most women fear criticism from others when engaging in this activity, one needs to rid oneself of all one’s inhibitions and to find joy in self-expression.


4.    Gardening

Gardening allows you to bring out your creative and nurturing side, in the process impacting positively on the environment and contributing to sustainability. Growing plants or vegetables from seed to fruition can be most rewarding and give one much self-fulfilment. Moreover, it is therapeutic, relaxing and healthy to grow your own vegetables – and it is great for your pocket. Even landscaping a garden has many benefits.


5.    Sport

Whether it’s a gym membership or a particular sport, engaging in physical activity and exercise has long-term health and psychological benefits. With a gym membership, you are able to participate in a variety of activities from gym classes, to cardiovascular exercise, to weightlifting as a great form of toning.


6.    Toastmasters

This is a sure way to allow you to be on ‘top of your game’ and is becoming increasingly popular among women. Public speaking is the number-one fear. Toastmasters, which is based in over 106 countries, provides one with a forum to engage in public speaking, whether in the form of prepared or impromptu speeches. It serves to refine communication skills and build confidence through an interactive audience giving honest feedback.


7.    Cooking

Cooking can be a wonderful domestic hobby when baking granny’s trusted, guaranteed no-flop cake. However, the modern woman is taking this culinary art to an elevated level by engaging in master classes to refine it and share it with those around her.


8.    Pole Dancing

Pole dancing, far from being a trashy pastime, is a recognised sport and performing art that many women are increasingly participating in. It is great for building fitness and confidence once you are able to master the acrobatic skills involved, or it can be done just for fun among friends as a casual pastime.


9.    Learning a Foreign Language

With countries across the world becoming increasingly integrated and globalised, many women find it beneficial to learn a foreign language, for it allows them to connect with people whom they would otherwise not have known.


10.    Reading

Cuddling up with a ‘good read’ has always been a favourite for women. Whether  it is a romantic novel, Shakespeare or nonfiction, reading has always been the number-one way of broadening one’s horizons. At the same time, it serves as a source of entertainment and enlightenment and allows one to connect with great minds, in turn, enriching one mentally and spiritually.



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