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Vasi Govinder has reached a point in her career where she would like to make a difference to the financial services sector. With more than 10 years of debt-collection experience within TS Legal Services, a development arm that is housed within their information technology company, TS Telecommunications, is ideally placed to innovate and benefit existing and future clients.


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A traditional French watch-making company, Michel Herbelin is independent, family run and unique in the watch-making world. At Michel Herbelin, the directors are the shareholders and are also descendants of Michel, the founder. Three Herbelin generations now work alongside one another, upholding a fascinating family tradition that has lasted for more than 60 years.


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Graham Kearney offers wildlife paintings and photography for the serious collector and his latest love is painting horses. He is fast becoming one of South Africa's top wildlife artists. Graham has become a popular seller online and is hoping to expand his reach to the European and American markets.


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