Flexible Approach

by Valdi Pereira


Vasi Govinder has reached a point in her career where she would like to make a difference to the financial services sector. With more than 10 years of debt-collection experience within TS Legal Services, a development arm that is housed within their information technology company, TS Telecommunications, is ideally placed to innovate and benefit existing and future clients.


Her first Company TS Legal Services comes from a small beginning and has grown into a company that employs over 80 staff members. TSL Telecoms was established in 2009, once again diversifying the company portfolio under TSLS Holdings; they offer clients a wide range of telecommunication, office automation and ICT products. TSLS Holdings and TS Legal Services have entered into several joint–ventures in the legal and financial services fields boasting a long 


and proven history in; retail, commercial, medical, local government and related third party collection services.


She successfully manages with quiet determination; making significant inroads in the local debt collection sector; serving several renowned clients and municipalities. The success of the company can be attributed to the fact that it boldly embraces innovation, while maintaining service excellence. These are qualities that she believes are often lacking in business management. An example of this innovation is the personal approach of TSLS Holdings’ debt-collection arm. “Over the years, we have come to realise that most people are good citizens who would pay their debts if they had the means to do so.  Therefore, we have developed a process whereby we allow repayments – even in small amounts – on debts. While civility is common in our industry, kindness and compassion are seldom encountered; qualities which we believe differentiate us from our competitors. Our clients often question this approach initially, but, with time, they realise that our results underpin this philosophy,” she explains.


She started her working life in the debt-collection office of a law firm while completing a degree in law. In time she established a successful debt-collection company, and today, she is the director of a diversified holdings company, TSLS Holdings. The passion she holds for debt collection remains undiminished, particularly in the local government sector seen by her company’s proud, home-grown, integrated revenue management solution. Seizing the opportunity to branch into other sectors is what grew TS Legal Services. Having endured its own call-centre trials and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), challenges TSLS Holdings established a telecommunications arm, TSL Telecommunications. This was to assist other small and medium-sized enterprises with telephony requirements. The move appeared to be unexpectedly prescient as it introduced them to the realm of software development. Initially offshore and later local in response to the need to contribute to the growing economy with localised solutions.


Being at the helm of three businesses, operating independently, she felt it was time to create TSLS Holdings and is committed to uplifting individuals that form a part of the diverse South Africa in culture.  As TS Legal Services has gained experience and grown its clientele and skills base, so it has strengthened its value chain. “Today, we are in a position to take complete control of a challenging collections environment through the provision of a collection service and its accompanying legal services, and offer call-centre functionality (it has a 2 000-seat call centre) and tracing services, all encompassed within a single service offering,” she notes. Through the years of software development, Vasi has not lost sight of propelling TS Legal Services into a new sphere of integrated revenue management solutions and leveraging by benefits of the systems and processes that TSLS Holdings had to offer.


“We have gained first-hand experience of the challenges that local government, in particular, faces when collecting monies. For this reason, it makes perfect sense for us to provide an enhanced revenue collection service that utilises a strong technological base,” she says of the company’s recently launched integrated revenue management solution. She highlights that TSLS’s software is an ideal addition to electronic systems already existing within municipalities. Adding this, “Our software provides an integrated revenue management value chain, with the exception of billing operations”. TS Legal Services is able to provide clients with the required necessary support in terms of skills, training, information technology infrastructure and advisory services to implement and sustain its solution.


Vasi concludes with this, “Although the software can be used in both the private and public sector, it is my ambition that we achieve a significant uptake of our revenue management solution in the local government sector before we expand into the private sector or take our solution further into Africa. It is, after all, a world-class product developed right here on our doorstep, and there would be perfect symmetry if this product were to be used at a local government level, both here in Africa’s economic powerhouse and elsewhere on the continent, to ensure efficient revenue management”. 



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