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Thriving Amoung the Best

by Andrew Ngozo


In a cut-throat business world, one needs self-discipline, vigilance and passion in all that one does. This is the recipe for success that Artform Framing Factory, a female-owned and - run company, has adopted to thrive in an environment where many have come and gone.


“I have a heart for inspiring and motivating women, as, in my journey, I’ve come to realise that certain traits assist one in one’s business and personal life,” says Alexandra Adamczyk, owner of Artform Framing Factory. She adds that, apart from self-discipline, a good work ethic is vital. “Good management skills and always putting the interests of the customer first have enabled us to reach a point where we are going from strength to strength.”

Fostering Relationships for Sustainability

The ability to formulate strategies pertaining to the business and each project on a daily basis has created a healthy and sustainable operating environment for Artform. Alexandra declares that there is a positive emotional connection between Artform and its clients. Artform Framing Factory was founded in 1991, when Alexandra arrived in South Africa from Poland. The factory then started framing pictures and mirrors. Inspiration from the 1995 Rugby World Cup led to Alexandra’s desire to be directly connected to sporting events and sports personalities. This she did through framing sports memorabilia.


To date, says Alexandra, the unique Bubble Frame, which was patented in 2011, has been one of their highlights. The frame provides suppliers, customers and other framers with the opportunity to showcase 3-D objects which cannot be framed in the traditional way. It is not ‘all business’ for Alexandra, who reveals that her organisation plays its part in giving back to the community. “We pride ourselves on giving back. Artform has, on numerous occasions, done work for charities and nonprofit organisations at cost. We also provide sponsorships for charitable fundraisers so that they can maximise their profits,” she elaborates.


Breaking One’s Own Records

Alexandra is passionate about what she does and is set to do it for a long time to come, always pushing herself and the team beyond their limits so as to offer exceptional service to the client. “Artform Framing Factory is my passion. The people I’ve met over the last 15 years have contributed to the best years of my life. It’s been such a joy over the years not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of myself − to break my own records, to outstrip my yesterday through my today,” reveals Alexandra. She concludes that she and Artform will not only endeavour to perfect the art of framing and keep clients happy through excellent service delivery, but will also continue to guarantee the market unparalleled innovation and business acumen in order to ensure that the business stays at the top of the ladder, striving to be among the best. 



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