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South Africa’s first women police commissioner (General Phiyega)


On 12 June 2012, the President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr Jacob Zuma, announced the appointment of a new National Commissioner of the South African Police Service. The Minister of Police, Mr Nathi Mthethwa, has welcomed General Phiyega to the police family on behalf of all employees and said that “we will give her all the necessary support to ensure that we collectively continue to deal a blow to crime”


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Vasi Govinder started her working life in the debt-collection office of a law firm while completing a law degree. With time, she established her own successful debt-collection company, and, today, she is the director of a diversified holdings company, TSLS Holdings. Her passion for debt collection remains undiminished, particularly in the local government space, as evidenced by the recent unveiling of her company’s proudly home-grown, integrated revenue management solution


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INSPIRATIONAL | Design for the Future

Since architecture became an organised profession in 1857, the number of women in architecture has remained miniscule. At the end of the 19th century, starting in Finland, certain schools of architecture in Europe began to admit women to their various courses. From the 1980s, women, as housewives and consumers, were instrumental in bringing new approaches to design, achieving a shift from architecture to space. Only in recent years have women begun to achieve wider  recognition as prizewinners and been awarded architectural tenders for large-scale projects.


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@WORK | Female Leadership Styles

The Chinese used to pay their physicians to keep them well.  This philosophy is aligned with people development expert and coach Dr Renate Volpe's preferred orientation to life as regards developing people, especially leaders namely a proactive orientation.


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